The two countries N & S Korea are in a peninsula jutting out from the mainland China and almost touching Japan, the southern part of Japan. On both sides of this peninsula are the two seas, Yellow Sea on the left and East Sea on the right, well, towards the East.
South Korea is hosting the WINTER OLYMPICS, 2018 in FEBRUARY, from 9th to 25th of Feb, 2018, to be precise

This gives me an opportunity to look closely at the Koreas: there are two of them: North Korea and South Korea. They are very small countries. The winter Olympics are to be held in South Korea and is being called


the name sounds familiar, yes, it is similar to the capital of North Korea which is Pyongyang.

the Capital of South Korea is Seoul.

To start with let me share with you some good news regarding bon homie between the two countries. The Olympic Committees of the two countries have shown remarkable good will and after a long meeting, decided on quite a few measures which are very heart warming.

The Committee decided on the following measures:

  • the Two teams will march under the same flag, the Unification Flag. They have done it in the past too in other International Sporting Events
  • they would have a JOINT ICE HOCKEY team, hooray.
  • they would have a JOINT SKI TRAINING CAMP at Masikryong in N KOREA
  • they would have JOINT CULTURAL event at Geumgangsan Mountains in N KOREA
  • a contingent of 230 CHEERING SQUAD would travel from N to S Korea during the Olympics
  • the entire contingent will travel through the Geongui Train route to Seoul, S Korea and then onwards to the venue, Pyeongchang

this appears to be very good news for the peoples of these two great countries. I personally believe, that people never want conflict and most people everywhere in the world want to live happily, peacefully pursuing cultural activities. That is what is the essence of human existence and any move to restore and foster good feelings amongst the peoples of these two countries is a very very welcome move and I doff my hat to the JOINT HAPPINESS of the peoples and sportspersons and the wise Committee members of North and South Korea. Below is the UNIFICATION FLAG which shows the two countries WITHOUT the boundary. WOW. Come to think of it, there should not be any barrier when two peoples meet.

winter olympics, pyeongchang, south korea

winter olympics, pyeongchang, south korea

The Main Cities

PYEONGCHANG & GANGNEUNG have all the venues for this Winter Olympics. The Games will take place in the following venues in those two places:


  • Alpensia
  • YongPyong
  • JeongSeon
  • Bokwang


  • Kwandong

winter olympics, pyeongchang, south korea, busan, seoul, incheon

winter olympics, pyeongchang, south korea, busan, seoul, incheon

All The Important Cities

This map shows all the important cities in South Korea. The three most populous cities of South Korea are

  1. SEOUL
  2. BUSAN

Incheon hosted the Asian Games in 2014 while

the Asian Games 2002 & the World Cup Football 2002 was held in Busan

winter olympics, pyeongchang, south korea, busan, seoul, incheon

winter olympics, pyeongchang, south korea, busan, seoul, incheon


This is the route the Torch Relay took once it landed from GREECE [remember, that is where the Olympics started in 1896] onto the Incheon International Airport. Thereafter it followed the route shown covering the length and breadth of the country to finally arrive at PYEONGCHANG.

From Incheon Airport, the Torch was taken first to the Jeju island, then to Busan to Ulsan to Guangju to Daejeon to Daegu back to Incheon city to Seoul to Chuncheon and then to Gangneung and finally to PYEONGCHANG.