travel light

those who have been there and done that

Rolf has written a remarkable book about his travels to more than 60 countries. he advocates travelling light and has even embarked on a 12 country tour without even a bag. his book is full of advice on planning and going on a world tour.

Chris has done the unthinkable. he has travelled to ALL the 194 countries. he strongly suggests that everyone must be on a quest of some sort. he has writen on The Art of Non-Conformity, to do what your heart dictates.

life is not about buying more and more. Leo Babauta strongly recommends that we must have only the essential. this is called minimalism. this book, the Power of Less is all about that. he teaches how to make everything simple around you, and have a wonderful life.

this book by Siddhartha Sinha, takes a relook at out world and tries to point to those qualities that we must move towards to reclaim our life in our beautiful world. we must travel the world to see more, experience more and really understand the infinite delights that Nature has in store for us. the authors shown earlier can teach you many things. some of them are mentioned below

plan your trip

advice regarding how to find cheap flights, hotels and other means of travelling cheaply

financing your trip

these books will tell you that it is not so expensive to travel. tricks and tips shared by these authors show you how to travel cheaply and yet enjoy to the fullest

working abroad

there are numerous opportunities to spend considerable time in a foreign country earning your livelihood while you travel to your heart's content.