be tech enabled

most people do not know how things work. why does a fan rotate, how wireless mobile phone works, how does the picture arrive on a TV set.

we think it is very important that we know. we will explain WHY we need to know this and HOW we can learn

first the WHY

education has become a means to get jobs. is that the correct definition. think about it.

the fruits of science are the gadgets that we have. the fan, the fridge, the washing machine, the air conditioner, the car, trains, air travel. the radio, TV, mobile phone.

now where did these gadgets come from. they came from someone’s mind. every invention comes from the mind of a thinker.

what if there were more thinkers and inventors

does our education system produce thinkers. no, it produces employees. it produces people who are skilled in a particular thing. and then all their lives they use that skill and make money for their employer and get paid a pittance in return.

what if there were more thinkers. what if people learnt to open up the gadgets and really learn how they work. is it not possible that they can become inventors of more gadgets. and we can all be benefited by that.

more population can mean more inventors

with the right education

imagine this. we have a very large population in this world. now imagine that all are happy and healthy and smiling. now imagine that they get the right education. now imagine that there are inventors amongst young bright minds of this world. and they are all working on different projects. can you imagine how many new gadgets we can see every year. would we not be happier with a larger population then.

can we not imagine that the population of this world are actually engaged in making our lives better. in fact, we are already involved in making each others’ lives better in this world.

I am only suggesting that if we can make the youth tech enabled in the right way, the world can be 100X better than it is now.

the HOW

two things are required. creativity and knowledge of how things work. there are numerous creativity methods pioneered initially by Edward de Bono, a genius. for knowledge of technology, one needs to know the basics of electricity, electromagnetism and semiconductors to understand the various devices. this knowledge has to be at the pre engineering level. although it may seem difficult, it is not actually. whoever has studied science in high school ought to be able to comprehend with a little application of his or her mind.

and then we have Arduino

Arduino is a tiny inexpensive device having all the components of a normal computer. anyone wanting to comprehend how a computer works can tinker with Arduino or Raspberry Pi and work wonders with these devices. many magnificent  gadgets have been made so far.


and the need to know how to learn fast

see below for a video on hyperlearning

and ever considered leaving social media altogether ?

it might be helpful to leave social media altogether, argues Dr. Cal Newport of MIT in his new book, DIGITAL MINIMALISM. all the books by the Professor are marvellous, simple and pathbreaking and extremely useful for students.

Examples of tech enabled people

How an airconditioner works

this is what I call a real man. he tells you how it works. he tells you how to save money. he has not only taken the trouble of finding out all about the AC, he also wants to help others, a real man. notice how he compares the flow like in human heart.

How a refrigerator works

this is another way to explain. through a thematic drawing to show the processes. hats off to this channel for producing such a simple way to explain the process.

How a mobile phone works

here we learn that mobile phone messages go through wires after all. these short videos ought to trigger the urge to learn more.

How a camera works

this video compares the camera with the eye and gets into the components of a mobile phone camera. fascinating.

How microwave oven works

this guy has a unique method to make his videos draw your attention. he has found a new way to make the video more interesting, by speeding up certain parts of it.


Philip Weiss. this guy is redefining education, and is resonating the ideas I am putting forth in this page. He talks about four Hyper ways





Cool Techniques that can spark new ideas for any problem solving exercise in ways that couldn’t be normally conceived

Mind Mapping




this compares the two mini computers available, the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi and talks about the


Input/Output I/O