Syria, is a country in Western Asia, To its west is  Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea, to its east is Iraq, Turkey is to the north and Jordan is in the south.

The country’s capital is Damascus considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited city of the world. Syria is considered to be one of the countries of the cradle of civilisation.

The chief river of Syria is Euphrates.

Latest news on Syria (May 30, 2011)

The country is in the news currently because of the protests being made by Syrian’s to end the rule of President Bashar-al-Assad. The army has taken over the towns of Rastan and Talbiseh and Homs. The protestors have not been overpowered by the assaults resulting in  death and injury. They are asking for a corruption free government. The ruling Baath party has banned all political freedom since 1963. The ruling party does not want a scene similar to Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen and have deployed a huge number of soldiers in sensitive areas like the main square of Homs.