Techniques for Spiritual Health

Energy INFUSION inside your BODY

the SPIRIT works through the BODY

a NO MIND state


Spirituality manifests Physically

and Mind needs to be quietened

Most of the Spiritual techniques in the world have a physical component. 

Spirituality is infusion of energy into your being.  It is not physical energy, not muscle energy as such.

it is an energy which charges your cells so to say, it brings enthusiasm, it brings an inner confidence, it tightens your belly and primes you up.

it seeps into your eyes giving it more clarity of vision. it purifies your inner being. it is an elixir, a manna from Intent, the hidden Force which is of and by everything. 

these spiritechniques which are overtly physical exercises quietens your mind. the breathing techniques like Qi Gong and Pranayama does that explicitly.

it is said that your breathing is directly linked to the activity in your mind. the more heavy your breathing, the more fickle your mind. 

these exercises slow down your breathing, and thus quietens your mind. 

all top performers have a very still demeanour. See any interview with a footballer and you will notice that they are still, like a sadhu. 


Spiritual Tech

Falun Gong

it is a practice by its propounder Li Hongzhi which had stupendous following in China and has physical and spritiual components of enhanced feeling of well being


known the world over, again a combination of physical exercises which enhance your spiritual well being too. 

the Toltec Tradition

an out and out mystic tradition made popular by Carlos Castaneda in his many books where he recounts his experiencess in Mexico, with the mystic Nagual, Don Juan who knows it all. Some physical exercises of the Toltec Tradition have also become popular

Qi Gong

a discipline of physical exercise known to fill you up instantly with energy from within. it is very very effective indeed to enhance both physical and spiritual well being of its practitioners

Tai Chi

this is another standing physical exercise regimen emanating from China which teaches you to respect the energies in and around your physical being. this looks similar to the AirBender, WaterBender, FireBender and EarthBender in the famous cartoon series Avatar. 


this is the Indian counterpart of the Chinese Qi Gong and is all about breath control and consequent mind control. Extremely beneficial, its effects need to be experienced first hand

Great Gurus

Orange Closeup

Not known to mince his words, Osho gives you straight, and hits your assumptions hard. Like a Zen koan, his words are designed to shift you out of false certitudes that you harbour



one of the most enigmatic encounters you would expect to have when an alien savant from another galaxy enters a human being and energetically spews forth a philosophy which has uncanny resembleance with the hoary spiritual doctrines in our world.


sky sand sea

Famous saints who eschewed any organized religion and took refuge in the calling of Love in their hearts. they exhorted people to connect to the Lord within, the Lord who has no name. 





Spiritual practices give you the comeuppance which you could not have imagined possible. It takes you to a level of Unconscious Competence

But since  human beings are besotted with frailties and are not able to be on the spiritual path as steadfastly as a sadhu, we require to work on another front:


About us

the ideas in this site have emanated from the book, MISSION: UTOPIA by SIDDHARTHA SINHA. 

the core ideas is to nudge the world and its people to explore themselves and their connect with Nature. 

this will ensure that mankind will spearhead the evolution of our world and its peoples to a wondrous future.

Our mission

throughout the pages of this website you will find ideas to upend your life and enhance your understanding about the best practices that the savants, seers, sages and top performers hae coopted into their lives. 

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