Seas of the World

There are some white regions on the map of the whole world shown below. They are the Seas

Four major Sea Clusters


Whenever there are islands , the space between the islands and the mainland are the Seas. Then the space between large land masses are also called Seas

The four Sea clusters are

  1. Around Central America where the Island cluster is called the CARIBBEAN ISLANDS
  2. Between Europe and Africa which is called the MEDITERRANEAN SEA
  3. Southern portion of Asia where we have Peninsulas and Gulfs
  4. On top of Australia and along the long Eastern coastline of Asia. The two main islands here are JAPAN and PHILLIPINES

Now that we have finished the basic structure of the whole World Map and the main Water bodies, we will turn our attention to the Continents one by one and the Regions within and around them. We have divided large continents into Regions and there are island clusters that we delineate as important Regions.