Quadratics Overview


The Quadratic Function is the gateway to higher mathematics. You learn about the concept of function.

A function is at once an algebraic expression as well as a graph. 


The quadratic expression has a square, the second degree of x and here it starts getting interesting. 
The graph is a curve and it cuts the x axis at a maximum of two points and always cuts the y axis at one point. 

We take up the quadratic function and look at it in every which way. Our purpose is to get a 360 degree view on all the aspects of quadratic function in terms of its algebra and geometry and the relation between the two.

The quadratic function and the quadratic equation crops up everywhere. It is a basic concept which is used extensively in Physics as well as in other concepts of Mathematics. It is basically a tool to understand the nature of the mathematical entities that we examine. 

We will examine various aspects of the quadratic function and equation and will also solve higher level problems including those which have already appeared in previous IIT entrance exams.