Oceans of the Whole World

Now that we have seen the basic map of the Whole World as well as the continents, we will fill up the space between these large land masses. With water. Yes, sea water… And a sailor once said “Water, Water everywhere… not a drop to drink”

Three main Oceans out there.

  1. Atlantic Ocean between two great land masses: Americas on the left and Europe + Africa on the right
  2. Indian Ocean below Asia with Africa and Australia on two sides, and
  3. Pacific Ocean is the largest of them all and is between Asia and the Americas
  4. There are Two More Oceans: Arctic Ocean right on top and
  5. the Southern Ocean right at the bottom

Here we have shown the seventh continent, Antarctica which is at the very bottom…at the South Pole of our Globe. It is a great land-mass, hence it is called a continent but it does not have any native population. Only Research Scientists stay here.

Let us look at this map some more [CLICK HERE] to find the Seas and Gulfs