Language Learning

a new language is like adding another coloured feather to your cap

Amazing websites for learning a new language


click here to find many polyglots, people who speak multiple languages and are the best people to teach you how to learn a new one

Top languages by population

1. Chinese
2. Spanish
3. English
4. Hindi
5. Arabic
6. Bengali
7. Portuguese


here are some fantastic websites with free and paid courses to get you going learning a new language at your own pace.

Most learnt languages

1. Spanish
2. French
3. German
4. Latin
5. Japanese
6. Italian
7. Chinese

Learn a Language

a few famous polyglots

benny lewis

Benny Lewis is the go to guy if you want to learn another language. 4 Hour Work Week author, Tim Ferriss and Hyperlearning expert, Scott Young, have acknowledged the method of language learning taught by Benny.

Timothy Doner

Timothy is a graduate from Harvard who speaks 23 languages. he has taken on the challenge of learning difficult languages like Ojibwe, Pashto and Akkadian. His Tedx talk has been viewed more than 3 million times. Take a look.

alex rawlings

having studied more than 15 languages, Alex spends his time writing about languages, intercultural dialogue and multilingualism.

Scott Young

Scott Young did an MIT course in a very short time and that is when he discovered the secrets of hyperlearning, or UltraLearning, as he chooses to call it. He has made many courses to help you master the advanced techniques to learn fast. Scott mastered four new languages in just one year