Korean language

Korean Language

You may have heard that Chinese and Japanese are extremely difficult languages to learn as they have those pictograms [called KANJI in Japan and HANZI in China] which are in huge numbers: 4000 or so in Chinese and you need to learn at least 2000 of them to read a newspaper in Japanese.

But rejoice. No such difficulty in KOREAN. Would you believe it if I told you that there are only 14 consonants and 10 vowels in the Korean language i.e. less than the 26 letters of English. Also the alphabets are very easy to write, usually made up of straight lines and never more than five strokes. They are very very simple, believe you me.

[There are a few additional extensions to the vowels which devolve out of the main ten vowels.]

Let me also tell you that Korean is written like English i.e. from left to right. Unlike Japanese or Chinese which is written top to bottom vertically. See any street image of Hong Kong or Tokyo and you will know

Check out the Maps of North & South Korea here

I just learnt the alphabets and their pronunciation in half an hours’ time. I was surprised at the speed myself. Then to think of it, it was due to the wonderful method in which they had explained the alphabets in this free download from the following site:


They have a full fledged course for learning Korean and this free download is absolutely fantastic, it is unbelievable. They have used picture and sound association to embed the shape and sound of the alphabets into your head. In their byline they have stated the following:

“Blending the 80/20 rule and Psychology for Rapid Korean learning.”

Wow. Well stated. Well thought out. Brilliant, creative guys. I love it.