We intend to give the students an edge in their understanding of Maths so that their basics are very strong. Those students who are in Class 9 and Class 10 need to ramp up their understanding of Maths so that when they start preparing for the Entrance Exam for Engineering, they are on solid footing. Our aim in making this site is to ensure the basics are firmly etched in their minds.

Thus, we have two main sections: Preliminaries and Advanced. The Preliminaries section has three sub-sections:
Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.

Our method for teaching Geometry will also include Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry simultaneously which is a unique new approach. The students will realize that all three are actually related very closely. 

It may be stated that this site does not prepare a student for the Engineering Exam entrance test. This site is meant for brushing up the basics and is targeted at the Class 9 and Class 10 students who need to be prepared for reaching a very high standard of study in later years. It is this primary preparation that we would be targeting. 

In our Advanced section, we are covering topics at the level of the Engineering entrance exam for a few of the critical concepts which we think are vital for stepping into the world of advanced mathematics as required for the entrance test. The few topics that we would be covering are the Quadratic Function and Straight Lines

OVERVIEW of the PRELIMINARIES Section                                                                    OVERVIEW of the ADVANCED Section

This site is made by Siddhartha Sinha who has studied in two of the most prestigious institutions in India, IIT, Kharagpur & IIM, Calcutta and has a lifelong interest in Mathematics, Physics and Technology, besides many other subjects (like Philosophy, Metaphysics, Spirituality, Ancient Archaelogy, Futurology, Cartography, Art, Music, Chess…). The entrance test for getting into IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is considered to be one of the toughest in India, and probably in the world. A very high order of conceptual clarity in Mathematics and Physics is required to get through this exam.This endeavour is an attempt to ease the path of the student who aspires to take this exam after a few years by strengthening the basics.  

This site will be continually updated. So keep an eye on additional pages as the days go by. 

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