We show you how you can draw the world map, continent by continent.
For drawing, we use simple straight lines for the most part

We also show you how to draw the countries in the continents region by region
So you will then know the location of all the 194 countries in the world

For remembering the correct sequence of the countries,
we use a unique Mnemonic system

Scroll down to see the method demonstrated for South America

 Do you ever wonder where is FIJI or URUGUAY or ARMENIA or MALAYSIA: would you like to form a clear picture of where these countries are ?
How would you like to have the World Map unfold inside your own head?

Read on. 

Or you want your children to be savvy citizens of this planet and have a clear picture of the countries and their locations in order that they can go on an exploratory endeavour to learn more and more about our mother Earth. 

This website shows you, FREE, how to form a mental picture of the map of the whole World, how to know with certainty the location of any country on the World Map, when you hear about them (in the news or elsewhere). We ensure that the World Map will be spreadeagled inside your mind.
We show you how to DRAW the WORLD MAP in an absurdly simple way. 
Look at the SIMPLE METHOD in the slideshow below: this will fix the countries of South America in your mind. Likewise, the entire World Map has been rendered in our ebooks which you can check out here. 

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On the left, you have the World Map. Looks complicated, eh ? Well, no worries. IT IS OUR JOB TO MAKE THE WORLD MAP SIMPLE: Look Below

Basic World Map

We have the same world map as above but in an understandable form drawn in straight lines. It is our endeavour to have things as simple as possible. 

  • This is the basic World Map with the Continents shown. 
  • Let us get the placements of the CONTINENTS right
  • then there is an Ocean to the right (or East)
  • and you reach the shores of EUROPE in the North
  • and AFRICA is below EUROPE
  • you also touch AFRICA going East from S AMERICA
  • walk beyond further East from EUROPE 
  • and the vast ASIA unfolds
  • and finally there is AUSTRALIA down under
  • Hey, wait a minute, where is ANTARCTICA? That is the seventh continent…right ?
  • Yes, right. It is the SEVENTH CONTINENT but it does not have any native population. 
  • Only Research Scientists stay there. 
  • ANTARCTICA is right at the bottom beneath every other land mass on this planet. 
  • It is also called the SOUTH POLE.

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all the countries of 

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. Europe
  4. South America
  5. Central America
  6. The Caribbean Islands
  7. Australasia and Oceania
  8. A list of All the Mnemonics
  9. The World Largest Countries
  10. The World’s Smallest Countries
  11. The Countries Equator passes through
  12. The Countries Prime Meridian passes through
  13. an introduction to the World Map and the Continents
  14. an introduction to all the Seas and Oceans of the World

There are as many as 178 maps in this entire package comprising hand-drawn maps for the most part; the actual maps juxtaposed alongside each Region give a perspective and context to your learning. 

What you will get with the US Map ebook
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How to draw the map of all the states of US. There are 50 states. Two of them are outside the mainland: Alaska which is adjoining Canada and Hawaii which is an island cluster to the West of mainland USA.

So, we have covered the 48 states in the mainland of USA and show you how to draw the outline of each of the states as well as remember the exact locations of each state through mnemonic sentences.

Here you will have all the States and Provinces of Canada again delineated with easy straight lines which you can draw with ease and mnemonic sentences to remember the exact location of the States.