This is a simple system by which

  1. you learn to Draw the World Map by learning to recognize the Continents and the Regions inside them one by one
  2. you learn a simple mnemonic system to remember a string of countries in each region


You do not need it if you want to remain geographically ignorant. You surely have no use for it if you didn’t give too hoots what happened anywhere else on the globe as long as you are safe in your little patch.

If you want to KNOW what is there on the globe and where, you require this product which will give you a a solid grounding, a base to build on. You will know the location of the 193  countries on this planet.

Q 3. HOW DO I KNOW YOU ARE THE RIGHT PERSON TO BUY FROM? that all that you say is authentic?

I  have been in this business for a long time now. First I had a site called “AAPKASHAHAR.com”; it means “your city” in a language called Hindi but the site was completely in English. I had assumed that it would be for the consumption of indigenous people of India and thus the ethnic name. You can check out “ARCHIVES.com” to find it. This was a map site covering Indian cities and road maps inside them in a unique paradigm using Javascript programming and ASCII symbols. Some day I would showcase the method here on this site again. This site, aapkashahar.com was launched at the peak of the dotcom book in April, 2000. But three reasons ensured that my expectation of raking in millions were shortlived. One, the dotcom boom bust sooner than anyone could imagine Two, I kept getting transferred in my day job to far flung cities – I was transferred three times to three different cities between 2000 and 2004 and each time by a distance of 1500 km! (India is a really large country) and Three, Google Maps launched its services in 2005. However, I had continued my development and in 2004, brought out a CD version called INDIPATH which had street maps of as many as 400 places inside each of 12 largest Indian cities continuing the unique paradigm of ASCII maps, superb interactivity and extremely fast renderings thanks to client-side Javascript programming.

Now in 2009, I had this urge to teach my children World Geography in a really comprehensive way and kept brainstorming ways to simplify the whole process of learning about the countries. The results are out in front of you in this site and the e-book that I have crafted. In fact the seeds of the idea contained in this e-book had germinated in my mind way back in 1996 when I used to teach Geography to students appearing for the Civil Services and had concocted a method to learn the 15 newly formed countries of the erstwhile USSR which splintered after the Glasnost and Perestroika movements in that part of the Globe.

So, as you see, I am into Cartography and Geography teaching and learning to disseminate the knowledge in new ways since 1996.


It is said that you can even eat an elephant if you do it in bite sized chunks. Now, after having done it and after having taught my kids, it sounds easy. 193 countries, is it a large number. Nope. Say, 200 divide by 8 countries at a time, and you have about 25 Regions to look at in six continents. You can go continent by continent. Secondly, the mnemonic system used very simple to use and learn. I assure you it is not difficult at all. Even if you keep two days for each Section, 25 Regions would mean 50 days. And if you set your mind to it, you can do 1 region per day and thus 25 days or a month’s time is enough to remember the entire World Map. My children, aged 9 and 8 did it in as much time: a month or so. and you can do it too. And I believe a really motivated person can do it all in a week.


The e-book goes for only USD 30 and in the Combo package where you get the USD 20 US MAP package too along with the WORLD MAP package for only USD 39. 

Check out the current concessional Combo Offer. 

The list of item you get is listed here.

When you order the “Learn to Draw the World Map” e-book and the “Learn to Draw the US Map” e-books together, you would get the following pdf files

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. Europe
  4. South America
  5. Central America
  6. The Caribbean Islands
  7. Australasia and Oceania
  8. A list of All the Mnemonics
  9. The World Largest Countries
  10. The World’s Smallest Countries
  11. The Countries Equator passes through
  12. The Countries Prime Meridian passes through
  13. an introduction to the World Map and the Continents
  14. an introduction to all the Seas and Oceans of the World
  15. the US MAP e-book where I show you how to Draw the US Map
  16. a Mnemonic Sheet showing the system to remember all the 50 States of US

There are as many as 178 maps in this entire package comprising hand-drawn maps for the most part; the actual maps juxtaposed alongside each Region are also hand-drawn by me.

If you still think it is not worth USD 39 or you cannot or do not want to pay that much, just let me know. I may consider on case to case basis. Just mail me at


 I want more and more people to partake of this NEW way of learning the WORLD MAP. Gives me immense pleasure to know what I developed to teach my children is found so useful by so many people across the globe. We live in a Global village now. And probably it is best to keep it a Village where people do not need to prove to one another how much better she/he is, no rat-race.

But only that one has to prove to oneself how much better one has become compared to one’s own self. Are we better off today as against what we were yesterday. In terms of what I have added to my knowledge, my understanding of this most wondrous and mysteriously beautiful world that I inhabit ?

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