explorers of nature

to be with nature is to learn the secrets directly. that is real knowledge. all the books that we have ultimately come from people who have explored nature. nature can be external or it can be internal, in your imagination. here we explore those fearless travellers who have taken extreme challenges and lived with the native tribals. in the book MISSION: UTOPIA, it has emerged that the tribal people are the real people who understand the secrets of Nature.

the Himalayas

we feature a few fearless travellers across the daunting Himalayas and their books

Heinrich Harrer

he escaped prison in India and travelled over the Himalayas to Tibet to meet the Dalai Lama, then a teenager. Fascinating tale

Eric Shipton

he scaled one of the most difficult peaks, Nanda Devi. It is one of the most beautiful too. It is an account of courage and grit.

Lama Tsultrim

we include this book about Mandala Meditation because visiting Himalayas is known to awaken the visitor to our inner spirituality

the himalayas

the amazon

the Amazon

the Amazon rainforest is a vast area with the largest river in the world with its innumerable tribes and inhospitable terrain. some of the intrepid explorers are showcased here.

Scott Wallace

the author goes in search of the Arrow people in Amazon and recounts the mystique of the last unconquered tribe in the rainforest

Ed Stafford

this incredible man walked through the Amazon for as long as 860 days and lived to recount his experience. he has intimate knowledge of the tribals he met which he wrote about

Ed Stafford

another great book by this awesome author where he describes many different kinds of adventures. the book has stunning photography and sketch maps