Rafael Correa wins his third term to office
There are certain interesting facts about this man.

1. He is President of Ecuador from 2007

2. Before him, there were 7 presidents in 10 years !

3. He has improved the living conditions of poor people

4. He defied the Western World and

    a) defaulted on World Bank loans

    b) negotiated better deals for his country’s oil exports

    c) gave political asylum to Julian Assange of Wikileaks

        in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012 

        where Julian Assange is still holed up 

Where is Ecuador ?We have shown how to draw the map of South America
where you will also find Ecuador

It is the only country which is named after the Equator
and Equator actually passes through it. 
[There is another country Equatorial Guinea, an island country
off the coast of Africa BUT Equator DOES NOT pass through it]
A strange fact is although Equator passes through ECUADOR
the climate of the country is NOT HOT because most of the country 
is on the Andes mountains. 

The capital city QUITO has an equable climate with similar temperature

hovering between 10 to 20 deg C all through the year.