In Mission Utopia, our World is visited by two persons from a higher civilization who examine the difficulties in our world and they suggest a few Core Values for us to adopt.

These values are showcased in this page.

we are part of nature. and nature is abundant.

flora and fauna is abundant. the seas, air, earth is abundant.

our imagination is unlimited.

let us feel the abundance in nature and in ourselves

there is a spiritual force called INTENT which everyone can feel  within themselves.

we must trust this force with humility.

when we feel this connection, we are secure, by default.

once we feel abundant and we feel secure, the only thing left to do is to serve others.

we do it anyways, we serve our families and friends.

we can have this spirit of service for everyone around and be glad.

this world is fascinating with so much to explore.

we must travel and see more and meet more kindred souls.

and we must eschew aggrandizement. we must adopt minimalism.

thus we must travel light.


language is the gateway into the mind, into the cultures that human beings have cultivated.

learning another language must be attempted to understand the myriad cultures of the world.

technology emerges from nature. the study of physics, chemistry, biology are actually studying nature.

we must find simple methods to learn the technology behind all the gadgets around us.

so that we are not slaves to the gadgets.

and so that we ourselves can devise new gadgets.


since we are part of nature we must go closer to nature.

finally, nature teaches us all that we know. all that you see around you have come from nature.

tribal communities are the closest to nature. and they have natural wisdom.

we must explore what they know.

we go to the beaches and mountains on our holidays.

how much better would it be if we could actually describe our experiences.

poets and authors do that. we can learn from them. we can open our eyes to see more of nature when we are in its midst

spiritual tech

everyone knows the benefits of meditation. there are many more techniques which one can adopt to strengthen oneself from within.

there are the ancient Indian traditions, the Chinese traditions, the Toltec tradition of Mexico, the Sufi tradition.

we can partake of these techniques to make our life better.


there are a lot of wisdtom stored in our ancient monuments.

these builders of ancient monuments knew technologies which are no longer in use today.

we must learn them so that we can make our lives better today.