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2. Memorize the US Map                                                                                                                                                                         Just send the funds to my Paypal account                                                                                                      
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This is THE site which makes you familiar with the World
. Starting from the Basics (which you can also find in this site) the e-book takes you through a step by step process by which you

  1. learn to draw the World map a little portion at a time and
  2. learn a Mnemonic method to remember the countries in that Region EXACTLY IN PLACE

The narrative of the e-book follows a hand-holding style that never makes it overwhelming. It is like someone walking you through a new Street in a new City and showing you the signposts around for you to recall later.

We have also kept the data minimal. Drawing the Lines, Delineating a Region and Looking at the Countries in Order and Memorizing a Mnemonic Sentence to place the locations of these countries. That’s about it. A little effort from your side (we encourage you to take a paper and a pencil and try it out) and you are on your way. A fascinating journey which would form the solid base which you know you always needed.

The objective is to breed familiarity. After a while not only can you draw the map yourself, after that once you look at an atlas you can immediately identify the countries. You KNOW. Or even if you forget, the mnemonics would bring you back.

We have covered the STATES OF USA in another e-book which follows the same paradigm. And we have a combo package. Check it out.

When you order the “Learn to Draw the World Map” e-book, you would get the following pdf files

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. Europe
  4. South America
  5. Central America
  6. The Caribbean Islands
  7. Australasia and Oceania
  8. A list of All the Mnemonics
  9. The World Largest Countries
  10. The World’s Smallest Countries
  11. The Countries Equator passes through
  12. The Countries Prime Meridian passes through
  13. an introduction to the World Map and the Continents
  14. an introduction to all the Seas and Oceans of the World

There are as many as 178 maps in this entire package comprising hand-drawn maps for the most part; the actual maps juxtaposed alongside each Region give a perspective and context to your learning.  

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We have two ebooks as of now
and a Combo Package
1. Learn to Draw the World Map 
2. Learn to Draw the US Map 

[Both of the above at $ 14.99]

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Get a free e-book

This free e-book gives a detailed introduction into the World Map and the 25 Regions we have sub-divided it into with detailed actual maps of every Region of the World. We have also showcased the method we follow in our “Learn to Draw the World Map” e-book. In that e-book we show you how to Draw the World Map and juxtapose the Actual Map at each stage for comparison between what you learn and how it is actually on an Atlas