ancient technology

Exploring the secrets of the ancient times


the ancient monuments have stood there for thousands of years. there must be something in their constructions which is timeless. and nothing gets constructed without a designer, without planning and careful execution. there must be technology behind it. and there is. many great men and women have explored these monuments with great revelations. we need to know them.


so that we may be able to use those technologies for ourselves in the present day. we will explore these technologies and those great explorers in this page.

the technologies

over unity devices

perpetual motion machines have been demonstrated to exist by the likes of Nikola Tesla and many others


the study of sound to produce energy. this has been demonstrated to be the secret of the stone circles by Michael Tellinger

ether & plasma

the medium through which electromagnetic waves move. this has been left out from modern physics

anti gravity force

John Hutchison has demonstrated this force which can lift objects remotely

sacred geometry

the study of the intricate geometrical patterns of crop circles which appear mysteriously overnight

third physics

other than Newtonian and Quantum Physics, there have been other streams of thought in Physics which need to be considered

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Why this page

in the novel, Mission: Utopia, two persons come down from an advanced civilization to our world and try to decode the difficulties in our world and suggest antitheses. These are the Core Values that are being explained in this site.

One of the Core Values is to explore Ancient Technologies.


Authors & explorers

Graham Hancock is one of the leading investigators into ancient civilizations dating back to more than 12800 years ago. the ancient monuments were built by this ancient civilization and they knew secrets that lie unexplored.

Graham has studied almost all the ancient megalithic sites including one which is below the oceans as of today.

He has distilled from his humongous research, the secrets that the ancients knew and written them down in very many fascinating books.

a world without money

Michael is a wonderful speaker and has a pure heart who wants a world without money. he has the vision of a world based on contribution by all for one another. he calls it the Ubuntu Foundation. he is experimenting with villages in South Africa to make the villages self sufficient.

the Ubuntu principles are

No Money, no barter, no trade, no value for anything, all contribution has equal value.

A world without money means

no crime, no envy, no greed, no hoarding, no hierarchy

Brien Foerster has gone to Machhu Pichhu in Peru more than 50 times and has written more than 25 books. He knows everything about the ancient sites around the globe. Watch his videos to see what a wonderful guide he is taking you into the mysteries of ancient sites. his videos make you feel that you are right there travelling with him

Machhu Pichhu in Peru

incredible machining technology
the impossible rock cut temple of Ellora, Aurangabad, India

pravin mohan

Pravin Mohan is studying the ancient monuments of India in great detail and shows us in his videos the intricacy of the rock cut and metal figurines and statuettes in the Indian temples. He demonstrates that these temples must have been built using advanced technologies not known to us any longer.all his videos are worth seeing as he shows clearly the impossible workmanship which points to a very highly advanced civilization

impossible rock cut technology

Nassim Haramein says that space around us is not empty, it is full of energy. He says that searching for the god particle is a wrong direction. instead, the energy within the particles inside an atom is actually the source of everything. he has developed an Unified Field Theory. this dovetails well with the findings in the book The Field by Lynne McTaggart.

Bosnia in Eastern Europe has a mountain in the town of Visoko. Dr. Semir discovered that the mountain was actually a pyramid with vegetation on top. He documents pyramids all over the world and finds that they are energy systems