ALGEBRA Essentials


Algebra is the soul of Mathematics. It is the language in which mathematics is communicated. It is vital. It is the life blood of maths.

Arithmetic deals with numbers and we have seen how the numbers got discovered one by one, different types of numbers. 

But mathematicians go for abstraction. Instead of using numbers, in algebra we use an entity called x instead of numbers and x can be any number. As we operate on numbers by + – x /, we do the same with x and other similar entities like y,z, a, b, c, p, q, r or any or all of the alphabets at our disposal and then some more: the Greek alphabets: alpha, beta (you can make out from where the world alphabet came from), gamma, delta, mu, nu, pi, epsilon etc etc etc. 

while we operate on the algebraic entities, we come upon formulae and identities and we discover transformations from one algebraic quantity to another: the forms differ. We need to identify the forms and familiarize ourselves with these forms so we can use and reuse them in our journey through mathematics. 

And rest assured, in your quest for getting into a premier engineering college you have to master algebra. So, what do you have to learn

First, the formulae
then, the simple equation
then, the simultaneous equation

At a slightly higher level
you must be able to discern different forms inherent in any algebraic entity because you do have to juggle quite a lot with these entities turning them from one form into another as required by the problem you are solving. So what you need to learn is 
TRANSFORMATION (notice the word FORM inside which is also part of the word FORMULA)

In Algebra we also have the INDICES and the LOGARITHM which need to be mastered. Most people find the two quite easy. There is a lot of beauty in the structure of these two chapters and it is very very interesting. The problems look very complicated but when you look at them structurally, it is actually pretty easy and straightforward. 

Much of mathematics is quite straightforward if you know how to BREAK IT DOWN into the BASICS. 

​So, there is a paramount requirement to MASTER THE BASICS. 

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