An Overview

We will be covering two topics primarily. These are the Quadratic Function and The Straight Line. And we will cover them in some depth. We will endeavour to form a 360 degree view of these topics. And then we will take up Engineering Entrance level questions and break them down to make them understandable. 

We want to make two points here. One, that we believe that a student in Class 9 can also attempt to understand these higher concepts. The only requisite is willingness to learn new things. When chapters are put in your syllabus and curriculum in subjects such as history or geography or biology, even in the Class 9 and Class 10 levels, the level of complexity is quite high. If a student can attempt and put labour to comprehend whatever has been put into his syllabus for the Boards, we believe that the same kind of effort can be put to comprehend the concepts we will be covering in these Advanced Section. Advanced is just a name. Concepts are concepts. If you take interest, if you really take interest like you take interest in sports or TV or films or gossip about celebrities, it is the same kind of interest that can take you places if focused on Mathematics. Or Robotics. Or Electronics. Or anything else. Sky is the limit. We fervently enjoin upon the student not to limit themselves to any prefixed curriculum. This is also all the more necessary because the difficulty level in the pre engineering level Mathematics IS quite demanding which you HAVE to do and YOU WILL, then why not give a little effort now and do it like an additional hobby. 

Next we want to explain why we are taking up these two concepts: Quadratic Function and the Straight Line. 

Quadratic Function

We believe that the Quadratic Function is the gateway to Higher Mathematics. First of all, it familiarizes you with what a Function is. As you will learn function is one of the fundamental concepts of Higher Mathematics. And this is the first function which is of a higher degree: the degree is two since there is a square of x which we study here. Then the function converts into a graph which has an elegant bell shaped curve and part of which lies below the x axis and the rest above and thus you learn about the positive and negative parts of the function. This makes learning Inequality very easy. Finally, the quadratic function crops up in a variety of problems that you will be solving in the course of your preparation for your Engineering Entrance examination. In fact I am indeed excited to bring you the story of the Quadratic Function. I wish you become as excited as I am as you look at the fascinating aspects of this function. 

Straight Line

Straight Line crops up everywhere. It is again the first thing one learns in Coordinate Geometry and is in fact the first function one learns. But the real concept of function becomes clear only when one studies the quadratic function. But why we need to be very very thorough with Straight Line is because we can express all sorts of geometrical objects within the space of x y axes. This gives rise to fascinating revelations and we learn to use geometry, trigonometry and coordinate geometry simultaneously