abundance is part of our basic nature.

how would it feel if we felt abundant all the time

how would it feel if we didnt have any thought of scarcity

the WHY

nature is abundant

so we must be abundant


we are part of nature

there is actually no lack anywhere

the feeling of scarcity has been created in our world

by economic systems that have failed

but let us focus for a moment on the world around us

look at a tree. can you count the number of leaves

or the number of flowers and fruits

look at the insects, can you count their number


look at the wind, the seas, the earth

they are vast, expansive, limitless

that is abundance

now look at yourself

your imagination has no bounds. you can go anywhere in your mind

there you have abundance again

the Artistes, Sportsmen, Inventors, Authors have taken their abilities to another level.

that is abundance within that they have explored


so where is the scarcity, which is the opposite of abundance

the scarcity, for most people, is in terms of money

and also in terms of confidence in their own abilities


now if you can see the abundance outside you and feel abundance inside you,

that will automatically increase your confidence

we will see next what we can do


FIND ALL THE Core Values


what can you do

how can you feel abundant

we can try to find out why I am not feeling abundant. but that is pointless. that’s a negative path

it is better to go to the positive frame rightaway

now for the steps


feel and think all the good things that have happened to you. feel happy and satisfied

just remember how many good things have happened in your life. they are countless actually. starting from your mom and dad, your family and friends, your mentors and guides to the strangers who have helped you so many times

then all the wonderful places that you have been to, all the delicious food that you have had, the list is endless.

can you bring yourself to feel happy about all that. you can even choose to be delighted.

and you can choose to remain delighted for an extended length of time.

try 5 minutes at a stretch of feeling delighted about your life, then increase it to 15 minutes.

try it. it feels good.

and that is the feeling of abundance.


thank the Universe with humility and gratitude.

you are a valuable part of the Universe, you are unique and you are enabled with so many talents and abilities.

thanking the Universe brings awareness to your own magnificence, to your own importance in this vast world

realize that the Universe does not ignore even the caterpillar and has crafted every living being with care and immense complexity

thank the Universe for such beautiful creativity.

this again makes you feel good and abundant.

You are abundance yourself in this abundant world


start thanking the Universe for things and events even before they have happened in your life.

now go do it. feel it. feel the joy, actually decide to be delighted with life

yeah, be delighted, and try to remain delighted with life all the time.

this is also called the Law of Attraction. the more you feel delighted with yourself and with the world, the more the world will make you delighted to be a part of it.



excerpt from the book, Mission: Utopia

Antithesis 2: Cultivate the spirit of Abundance

We must propagate the implicit sense of Security. Primarily the Insecurity stems from perceived inadequacies promoted by the hierarchical system of comeuppance based on aggrandizement. Acquisitiveness, at its core, stems from a Scarcity mentality & Scarcity induces Insecurity.

The most important ingredients required to live a happy life are all free. Air, Water, Life Force, Sleep, the quiet functioning of your body, the growth of the flora and fauna around you, these are all provided free for everyone to use, by Nature. And they are all provided plentifully, without any sense of scarcity. Ofcourse there are occasions of drought or other natural scourges that sporadically afflict humankind adversely, in small patches of the world, from time to time, but those are exceptions, compared to the plethora of flora and fauna abounding everywhere.

To feel the bounteousness of Nature around you is a grand feeling. This is the feeling of Abundance which speaks to you that the world is plentiful, that actually there is no dearth. Look at the people around you and see that they too reside in the same ecosystem where there is no dearth of air, wind, water, food, flora and fauna, land, parks and gardens, forests and jungles, conveniences of life, seas and oceans, mountains and snow and deserts. This is the abundance in the Physical World around us.

Then there was the expansiveness of the mind which could take you anywhere, through your mind’s eye you could see anything, you could travel anywhere, you could do anything through the power of unbridled imagination, you could be at the top of the world, you could accomplish, in your mind’s eye, anything you desired. That was another vast resource given to everyone on this earth, free to use.

It is only our training, it is only our belief system, it is only the Pyramid Paradigm that has infected our minds into thinking ill of ourselves and thinking ill of others. The PP has prompted us to consider the concept of overpopulation as true whereas it is completely false. The world is abundant. Nature has created its most advanced product called human beings and has placed this creature in the midst of Abundance. This is the truth, which can be seen as clearly as light of day, if one were to clear one’s mind of any restrictive construct put in place by the Pyramid Paradigm.

So, we do not actually need to cultivate anything, we need to see, we need to open our eyes and see the Abundance all around us, we need to see how Nature is Abundant, how our lives are full of goodies, how we are blessed with myriads of opportunities, to efflower and blossom. Abundance is a natural gift to all of us, a Natural Gift, a Gift from Nature, free to use and leverage and grow.

CounterQuip: Feel the Abundance of Nature wafting around you and Feel the Abundance of your own Mind, Spirit and Imagination

Derivative EcoSystem: Abundance is a feeling, not an actual counting of what we have and comparing it with what others have. It is a general feeling that one is taken care of. It is felt when one realizes and feels that the physical amenities on this earth are boundless, the multiplicity of flora and fauna are boundless, the mental sphere is boundless, human spirit is boundless and that makes man a humongously rich entity. The magnificently varied oeuvres of the large human population enhances that boundlessness and must be celebrated. The concept of overpopulation presupposes a cache of lesser mortals who could be dispensed with. This is blasphemy since each individual is endowed with the same boundlessness of spirit with immense potential yet lying dormant. A derivative ecosystem could be generated by showcasing at one place the immense variety in culture and mores that enrich this earth due to the presence of so many different kinds of cultural expressions. This would also reverse the uniformity that the Pyradigm intends to install by making everyone a tool to the Corporations.