About Us

welcome to my site

My name is Siddhartha Sinha

[you can call me Sid]

I have written a few books

this site showcases some of the ideas that have emanated organically while writing the book

Mission: Utopia

we call it the Core Values. click below to see them

My Intention

it is my fervent desire to see that everyone in this world is happy and prosperous.

Prosperity is when everyone has the right opportunities to grow themselves.

and when people evolve, the world evolves.

for the world to reach a higher octave, we would need to do certain things. that is what this website is about: to point to directions that are organic, that shows us our position in the Universe. Each one of us is unique and have tremendous creative potential. we must seek to have an ecosystem that promotes that creative spirit which is there in everyone.

we must primarily consider ourselves as creative beings. the Universe is us. we make the universe. and we shall make the world better.

we would need to explore the world. and we would need to explore our potential. that’s about it.