December 26th, 2017

Alberto Fujimori, former president of PERU, released

This set me thinking. This is a purely Japanese name and Peru is in South America. Where is the connection. A little search fetches this: that many Japanese moved from Japan to Peru in search of gold around 1900 i.e.a little more than 100 years ago. And they dominated the polity of Peru so much that one of them got exalted to the position of President. See the map below to feel the distance between the two countries across the Pacific as per Google Maps.
PERU is a fascinating country with a very ancient and mysterious history. MACCHU PICHU, the famed megalithic site up on the mountains, is a fount of surprising discoveries and the researchers like Brien Foerster and Graham Hancock have many interesting things to say about the ancient INCA civilizations. NAZCA LINES is another mind-boggling artefact: on the dry desert floor straight lines have been carved out centuries ago and there are 300 of them. Just across the border into BOLIVIA, there is an ancient site called PUMA PUNKU, which has one of the most astounding collection of abandoned stone pieces which were apparently being used in all the various megalithic sites around this area during the INCA times, and the most unbelievable aspect of PUMA PUNKU is that most of these ancient stones look like having been machined to perfection. In fact, having observed these mega stone [lithos means stone] structures across the globe, experts are of the opinion that there was an ancient civilization on this planet who had advanced technology evidenced by these megalithic structures and who were washed out by the GREAT DELUGE [of Noah folklore] around 10000 years ago.

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