The 2014 Dakar Rally is taking place between
7th and 18th January, 2014.
It is a Car, Motorcycle, Truck and Quad Bike rally
through extremely rough terrain.

this rally is taking place in South America 
passing through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile

But wait a minute…
Dakar is not in South America 
It is the capital of Senegal in West Africa

very strange, isn’t it ?

Well, it turns out that previously, the route for this rally
used to be from PARIS to DAKAR.
this, from 1978 upto 2007
[the route kept shifting slightly from year to year
and was from LISBON to DAKAR in 2007:
the route from Lisbon to Dakar passed through
Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali and finally into Senegal]

in 2008, there was a security threat in Mauritania,
one of the countries en route.

So, 2008, there was no rally
from 2009 the entire rally was shifted to Latin America
Mystery solved

So, that is how Dakar rally 2014
is in South America
starting from the city of ROSARIO in ARGENTINA on 07.01.2014
and ending in VALPARAISO in CHILE on 18.01.2014
So, there
look at the Route Map here

When we look at a Rally route closely, we get to know the other important cities and towns of a country. Here, the rally organisers have chosen to start the Rally race from ROSARIO, another great city of ARGENTINA, very near its capital city, BUENOS AIRES.

Then the rally route passes through many beautiful sounding names like San Luis, San Juan, Chilecito, Salta in ARGENTINA,

Uyuni in BOLIVIA

and goes through more intriguingly beautiful names of Chilean cities like IQUIQUE, ANTOFAGASTA, La Serena [evokes images of serene beaches] and the entire Chilean route is next to the coast line…

and finally ends in VALPARAISO, an important city of Chile very near its capital, SANTIAGO.

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