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Heavy fighting is going on in three Arab countries right now: Libya, Sudan and Yemen.

However, the eponymous GOODLUCK JONATHAN has been sworn in as the new President of Nigeria

In Libya, the rebels want the 42 year old reign of President Muamar Kadafi to end and NATO is supporting the rebel’s cause by bombarding the key installations of the Government. The fighting rages on. The rebels are operating from the Western town of BENGHAZI while the capital TRIPOLI is being bombarded by NATO

Sudan, the largest country in Africa would cease to remain so. An independent country of SOUTH SUDAN would be born on 9th July, 2011 and Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit is the most probable first President of the new country to be. He is the present Vice President of Sudan. The new country was decided by a Referendum in Jan, 2011.

And just before this impending independence in July, the Northern Sudan Army has invaded a disputed region called ABYEI and threat of war looms large.

South Sudan is poorer but rich in oil which was hitherto being capitalised by the north. The capital of SOUTH SUDAN is JUBA.

Mass civil demonstrations against the 33 year rule of the President ALI ABDULLAH SALEH has started since Jan 2011. The opposition is led by the AHMARs, leaders of the Hashid Tribal group. Although fighting continues, a truce has been inked in the Capital city of Sana bringing calm here for the time being.

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