The Crises in Libya and Egypt

Facts about Libya

Libya is in Africa. It is in the news for an armed uprising against its ruler, Muammar Gaddafi who has been ruling the nation since 1969. Gaddafi refuses to go and thus the strife continues. In a similar mass unrest in the neighbouring country of Egypt, their ruler, Hosni Mubarak, had to step down in Feb, 2011.

We will now see the exact location of Egypt on the World Map. Europe lies to the north of Africa separated by the Mediterranean Sea. Thus the countries on the coast of this sea are called Mediterranean nations. Both Libya and Egypt are on this coast. So they are the northernmost countries of Africa. Across the Mediterranean you would find European nations like Italy and Greece and Turkey is to the East.

In this area, Turkey is in a key position being almost at the junction of Europe, Africa and Asia and thus has a very rich history as a lot of movement has taken place through this land over the centuries. Turkey is actually in both Asia and Africa. The only other country to have this geographic distinction is Russia.

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